2019’s Independent Women Miley, Lana, & Ari Tease ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Collab

In this, the Era of Nostalgia, no film franchise is seemingly safe. That’s why in November this year we’re copping a 2019 instalment/follow-on of Charlie’s Angels – and it’s looking like three independent women are stepping up to produce the lead tune on the flick’s soundtrack.

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Last time we were greeted with Charlie’s three, we were gifted with an absolute belter of a tune from Destiny’s Child, which I’m wary may never be topped in the history of ever. ‘Independent Women pt. 1 & 2‘ was an instant anthemic classic that soundtracked a noticeable shift in how women existed in the world.

This time Miley CyrusAriana Grande and Lana Del Rey are stepping up to the plate, teasing the incoming track (and the film’s trailer) on their respective socials.




From what we know, the not-reboot of Charlie’s Angels has a new trio working together – Kristen StewartNaomi Scott, and Ella Balinska take over the helm from Lucy LiuCameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore some 19 years later.

They’re all still working with beloved Bosley, but if IMDB is to be believed, there are now multiple Bosleys played by Patrick StewartDjimon Hounsou, and Elizabeth Banks (who is also the film’s director).

But back to the single; what is that trio of honeys making money gonna sound like? We know that Ari works well in a collective – we’ve heard her do that before on ‘Bang Bang‘ – but Lana has always struck me as a lone wolf. And Miley, well she’s already a gang in one body, considering she’s nailed the charts as Miley, Hannah Montana, and now as Ashley O.

I’m very interested to see how this will turn out, and until it drops on Thursday US time (so like 2pm this arvo) and until then I’ll be wondering why they didn’t just get Destiny’s Child back together again for Independent Women pt. 3? (It’s because it would have cost an arm and a leg, I know.)