Dasha Nekrasova Confirms Charli XCX’s Song ‘Mean Girls’ Is About Her: ‘Happy To Be A Muse Whenevs’

Global It-Girl Charli XCX has proven again that she deserves her icon status, after it was confirmed she based the song ‘Mean girls’ from her album BRAT on the controversial podcast host and actress Dasha Nekrasova.

Plenty of the songs on BRAT have some notable muses, including ‘360’ which is inspired in part by Charli’s friend, model Gabbriette Bechtel.

And now thanks to the latest episode of the Red Scare podcast, hosted by Dasha Nekrasova with Anna Khachiyan, we know that another track also has an iconic muse — ‘Mean girls.’

I’ll admit, I was hoping it was inspired by Reneé Rapp‘s Regina George in Mean Girls (2024), but this is still pretty neat.

The song itself is the 13th of the album, with Charli herself saying the goal of the song was to address society’s ​“fascination with mean girls” during an interview with The Face.

Charli told the publication that as well as Dasha, the song is inspired by her fascination with why ​“succubus-looking, dead-eyed women” like herself, Dasha, and Gabriette are written off as “mean”.

Some lyrics in the song hint at the subject matter being Dasha Nekrasova, such as “she’s New York City’s darling” (Dasha is based in NYC), and “you said she’s problematic” (Dasha’s podcast is often slammed for its cultural criticisms and guests).

Dasha Nekrasova confirms ‘Mean girls’ is about her

In the most recent episode of Red Scare, Dasha raised the topic of the new Charli XCX album after talking to her friend for only 10 minutes, which, same TBH. Actually, if a Charli XCX song was inspired by me I wouldn’t shut up about it for 10 minutes ever.

“Did you hear the Charli XCX song inspired by me?” Dasha asked her co-host.

Both Dasha and Khachiyan admitted they have been “too depressed” to actually listen to the full BRAT album, but know that they’d like it.

Despite this, Dasha shared that she had listened to one song, ‘Mean girls’, because the songwriter shared it with her prior to the album’s release.

“Yeah, the Charli song is kind of like a party girl anthem,” shared Dasha.

“It’s a great song. She sent it to me a couple of months ago and told me about it.”

Dasha Nekrasova at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

Though she was flattered to be a muse, Dasha reflected on how the song represents a particular way she is perceived that she doesn’t 100 per cent identify with.

“It speaks to an idea people maybe have about me as like a naughty downtown and noisy party girl,” Dasha began.

“But actually you’re a bedridden recluse,” Khachiyan finished.

After laughing, Dasha agreed that she was a “kind of squirrely loser”, but still flattered to be the basis of a Charli XCX song.

“Happy to be a muse whenevs, you know,” she shared.

“And if she did want to write a song about lying in bed, I’d probably listen to that one too.”

We all would, Dasha. We all would.

As much as we are loving BRAT girl summer (in an Aussie winter), some representation for the bedridden squirrels would be grand.

Alas, guess I’ll just listen to ‘360’ for the thousandth time.