Chance Dropped A Surprise Chrissy-Themed Mixtape So Give Mariah A Rest

As if he wasn’t already the most likeable dude in the bloody game, Chance The Rapper has just gone ahead and delivered us a bona fide festive miracle – a Christmas-themed mixtape featuring none other than Jeremih.

The Coloring Book gun just revealed Merry Christmas Lil Mama: A New Mixtape by Jeremih & Chance via Twitter, and as far as holiday-themed musical projects go, it’s pretty gr8.

The fact these two heavy-hitters apparently had the time to craft it is one thing; the fact it’s good is another one altogether. Keep your ears peeled for that sweet Jackson 5 homage in Stranger At The Table, and prepare to catch anti-2016 feels to I Shoulda Left You. 

FUN TIMES. Get around it below: