The Chainsmokers Have Thoughts On The NSW Government’s War On Festivals


It’s weird to think that the Chainsmokers should be the voice of reason in any given situation, but here we are I guess. The US duo are currently in Australia to play at the Ultra festival, and when they stopped by the The Project last night for a chat, they were asked about concerns for the future of live music in NSW, thanks to the state government’s heavy-handed approach to festival safety.

“We were in Sydney yesterday and we saw all the picketing that was going on,” band member Alex Pall told the panel. “I’m glad people were doing it, you should stand up for live music and artistry in general.” On the issue of pill testing, he went on to say:

“I feel like when it comes to stuff like that, like obviously, y’know, drugs aren’t okay, you don’t want your kids doing them, but you should have the choice to get it tested to be safe … Educating people about drugs and then giving people the option, in a safe way, [to] test whatever it is, if that’s what you decide you’re gonna do. Not like cancelling music festivals altogether, because what I’ve understood from our friends in Sydney is things are just underground now. Which is like probably only worse.”

You can watch the full segment below:

The Chainsmokers are playing at the Ultra Music Festival in Sydney on Saturday and Melbourne on Sunday. Last night on Nova‘s Smallzy’s Surgery, the pair revealed that they have been working with numerous collaborators for their new album, including Blink 182. They said:

“We had a session with the Blink 182 guys and their lyrical style is so direct, we were so excited to do a session with them it was so exciting, and so like you’re writing songs with your idol, it was fun and awesome and it’s a sick song!”