Cesira Aitken Shares Jungle Giants SxSW Tour Photos, Manages To Keep Them PG

In case you were wondering what your favourite Brissy four-piece band member/2013 Pedestrian.tv Bachelorette of the Year named Cesira has been up to lately, wonder no more. Noted Seinfeld fan, lead guitarist for The Jungle Giants and our mate, Cesira Aitken, has just returned with her fellow bandmates from a stint in and around the US for their SXSW show. Not only did they kill it daily, nightly and ever so rightly, but Cesira was also delightful enough to bring us back a stack of Polaroids from their many adventures (both musical and beer related):

Keelan, Andrew and Sam firing off some high powered weapons in a local Austin rifle range.

Soundtrack to your scrolling:

Me shaking it like a Polaroid picture.

The liquor cabinet of our favourite Tex Mex restaurant – Uncle Juleo’s.

Coronitas! Little Corona’s in Spanish. Oh and my new vintage floral white Doc Martins.

My fave red trucker hat from the trip. I look just like a local!

WTF? Guitars made from motor oil drums. Only in Texas, friends.

The streets of Austin during a quiet moment.

Sam sampling Lone Star beer.

Hanging out.

Hanging out again.

Some weird cactus tree that looks like Dr. Seuss drew it and Austin bikes; people rode bikes everywhere.


Sam backstage before the Aussie BBQ getting a pep talk from Manager Stu and Sound engineer Anto.

Our favourite beer of the trip – Austin Amber. Perfect with ribs! And luckily that is pretty much all people eat there.

Sam getting some sun. Austin was freezing cold on a few days.

Dooris eating a waffle from The Waffle House at 2 am.

Epic poster art exhibition at the SxSW conference halls.

‘Mexicans’ looking cool all dressed up!

Looks bad, tasted great – Texas BBQ Sampler Plate.

Lone Star beer logo is cool. Beer is shite. Tastes like water.

Keelan growing a hillbilly beard

Upcoming Jungle Giants Tour Dates:

Mar 28 The Metro Theatre *Lic/AA*, Sydney, NSW

Mar 29 Rics Big Backyard, Brisbane, QLD

Mar 30 Alhambra Lounge *U18s* Brisbane, QLD

Apr 04 The Corner, Melbourne, VIC

Apr 05 Sounds Loud Festival *U18s*, Melbourne, VIC

Apr 05 The Corner, Melbourne, VIC

Apr 20 Autumn Sounds, Alexandra Park, Bundaberg QLD

Apr 25 Groovin The Moo Oakbank, SA

Apr 26 Groovin The Moo Maitland, NSW

Apr 27 Groovin The Moo Canberra, ACT

May 03 Groovin The Moo Bendigo, VIC

May 04 Groovin The Moo Townsville, QLD

May 09 The Rosemount Perth, WA

May 10 Groovin The Moo Bunbury WA

May 17 One Night Stand Mildura VIC

To buy tickets head to www.thejunglegiants.com/events