Celebs Band Together To Demand Gun Control

A stacked rolodex of celebrities from music, film and television, including Jessica Alba, Beyonce, Amy Poehler, John Hamm and Cameron Diaz, have come together to advocate for gun control in the US. The Demand A Plan campaign seeks to ban assault rifles and high magazine purchases, as well as ensuring criminal checks on all those who buy guns. 

A knee-jerk reaction to the tragic Sandy Hook shooting, which primarily involved schoolchildren between the ages of five and ten, the issue of gun control is getting a lot of coverage in the States this week, with two-time Person Of The Year, President Barack Obama, vowing to do whatever he can to reform the law. But in a country which values its Second Ammendment rights nearly as much as their plus-size sodas, that may not be enough. Incidentally, ‘enough’ is one of the primary words used in the clip.
Employing famous faces to push a cause was extremely popular in 2012. Avid star-watchers will remember Scarlett Johannson and Eva Longaria getting together to blast Mitt Romney‘s proposed changes to the abortion law. That one seemed to have worked, because Barack’s back in the White House. Here’s hoping Demand A Plan will have a similar effect.