Cassette Playa For Nike

It’s been a while in between drinks for Cassette Playa but they’re back with their new Nike Blazers.

Nike’s design team combined with UK-based creative icon Carri Mundane to give the iconic Blazer a Cassette Playa-style remastering.

The Cassette Playa Blazer was first created for their Spring/Summer 2008 ‘Future Primitive’ runway show, a show that was inspired by Carri’s concept of ‘urban shamanism.’ As Carri explains it, ‘urban shamanism’ a way of thinking that is summarised in her unique style for the season – ‘Ancient Amazonian hunting rituals adapted by a gang of skaters in a post apocalyptic city’.

Man I wish I could wear a pair of “toxically mutated lizards” on my feet.

Carri lets all the deets slide in the clip below:

Cassette Playa X Nike Blazer from Amazing Grace on Vimeo.

Video stolen with <3 from LAMJC

Meet Cassette Playa’s main woman!