Carlos Dengler Leaves Interpol

Just a fortnight after releasing new single “Lights” and with a fourth as-yet-untitled album on the way, Interpol have announced the surprise departure of holster wearer, bassist and alleged Vampire, Carlos Dengler.

According to a statement on the band’s official website Dengler completed work on the forthcoming album but left the band shortly thereafter to “pursue new goals”.

After the completion of the album, Carlos informed the rest of us that he would be leaving the band. He has decided to follow another path, and to pursue new goals. This separation is amicable, and we whole-heartedly wish him great happiness and success. We will remain, as always, deeply respectful fans of this blazingly talented individual.

We can tell you that we have some very exciting new recruits joining us on the road. So stay tuned – we will promptly be revealing the identities of these illustrious players.

As a lover of Dengler’s melancholic basslines I wonder who his replacement will be. I also wonder if holsters are off limits now?

Via 24 Bit