Cardi B Halted A NZ Festival Set To Unpluck A Twerking-Related Mega Wedgie

Cardi B’s first trip Down Under, touring her huge debut Invasion of Privacy, is apparently fkn lit – she’s wowed crowds at Origin Fields in Perth, Field Day in Sydney, and now at Bay Dreams in New Zealand.

[jwplayer zHHOofc9]

But the thing that had fans thinking #sahrelatable was the moment, mid-set in Mount Maunganui in Tauranga on our neighbour’s North Island, that Cardi B halted proceedings to attend to a wardrobe malfunction.

Cardi B twerked so goddamn hard during her YG collab ‘She Bad‘, with so vigour, such passion, that she ended up with a wedgie in her emerald-green leotard/black thong combo.

The rapper’s known to be unashamed and brazen – on her Instagram she’ll let rip about anything and everything: just last weekend she slammed Aussie paps for getting up in her face, and at Christmastime admitting she hung out with her ex Offset in Puerto Rico because “I just had to get fucked, bitch.” Same.

So it only follows that she’d be straight-up IRL with her audience about why she was ducking off for a quick sec:

I need a little break. I’ll be right back. I’m gonna take this wedgie outta my ass.


Who among us has not tried to subtly unpick a wedgie in public?

But by the same token who among us has the candour to admit to that on stage in front of thousands of people?

Not I.

Anyway, here’s a slew of videos of Cardi B performing and that outfit, which yeah, looks bloody incredible, but also basically guarantees wedgies.

And because the vids we have from NZ don’t involve twerking, here she is going for it at Field Day in Sydney:

Cardi B’s hot AF, and one of the best rappers out atm, don’t @ me.