Rap God Cardi B Confirmed New Music Is Coming “Real Soon” With Album #2 On The Way

Ya girl Cardi B has clearly been very productive this year because she let slip that the first (and lead) single from her next album is coming “real soon”, after dropping some sly deets about her next album.

Booting up an Instagram Live on Friday night Cardi Time, she said that the lead single from her sophomore studio album is gonna drop soon, and that we’re all gonna love it. Which, look yeah fair if this next record is anything like Invasion Of Privacy, she’s not wrong.

Later in the stream, Cardi B also mentioned that the incoming single isn’t going to be the track we were treated to when she teased it at a club in Atlanta back in March (which honestly feels like about two years ago now) but something entirely new from that. Ugh, look 2020 has been such a binfire of a year already, I think we all need to be blessed with some new Cardi bangers.

When this new music drops in our hot little laps, it’ll be the first tunes we’ve heard from a solo Cardi B since ‘Press‘ from last May, and the first big studio production since her debut album back in 2018.

So what do we know about CB2 so far? When she talked about the album back in February she was trying to work a couple of “club hits” in amongst the “cool, calm, and collected” tracks. Legit if these club bangers are anything like ‘Bodak Yellow‘ or ‘I Like It‘, we’re not gonna know what hit us. That and I’ll be absolutely itching to go dump it like Crystal Methyd in a blue cow suit.

I need new workout music, please Belacalis. I need more bops to lift weights to and feel like I’m an invincible gym queen. Cardi B. New album. Now please.

We don’t know much more about CB2 but we’ll keep you updated when we do, because Lord knows we need some seriously good news from this year. Fingers crossed we’ll get new Cardi this year, as is her promise.