Cardi B’s Instagram Has Vanished, Leaving Earth With One Less Good Thing

Cardi B‘s Instagram page has vanished, depriving the world of one of the only pure and good things left on the internet.

Fans of the rapper noticed her profile’s disappearance this morning, mere hours after her uber-smash record Invasion Of Privacy was awarded Best Rap Album at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

A trip to her usual handle of @IAmCardiB reveals a blank page advising users the profile is unavailable. This is despite the fact the her website still features a very live link to her Instagram page.

The deletion appears to have been motivated by criticism hurled her way in the light of her first Grammy nod. A Twitter user shared a video which apparently came from Cardi B’s Instagram before its deletion, featuring the rapper firing back at some of her more outspoken critics.

“Didn’t went to sleep in my own bed for four days straight. Pregnant,” Cardi said.

“Some songs couldn’t even get on the album because my nose was so fucking stuffy from my pregnancy.”

Cardi’s Twitter remains in action, which is just as well. It’d be a full-on crisis if that combusted, too.

For what it’s worth, that very same Twitter account features praise for Cardi from some of the most esteemed names in the scene, including J Cole, Chance The Rapper, and Missy Elliott.

Cardi is hardly the only major artist to nuke their Instagram page, but most of the time, that unexpected absence is part of a broader marketing strategy. This time, it appears a bunch of bored and small-minded dinguses have convinced a bona fide champ that dealing with their shit just isn’t worth the effort.