Amid the current devastation and uncertainty permeating across the globe right now, there is a saving grace – the rise and inevitable reign of DJ iMarkkeyz‘s Cardi B coronavirus remix.

Let me provide some context. Cardi posted to Instagram a week ago, talking about the pandemic and exclaiming “if you’re wondering why your motherfucking weave or your Fashion Nova motherfucking packages haven’t arrived, guess what bitch? Coronavirus, coronavirus. I’m telling you, shit is real, shit is getting real.”

Needless to say, it’s simply iconic and it wasn’t long before DJs saw an opportunity. One such DJ was DJ iMarkkeyz – he dropped his own remix of the Cardi rant a few days ago and, hoo boy, it’s 2 minutes and 34 seconds of pure ear porn. Check out a snippet below.

As cream inevitably rises to the top, the remix inevitably started to gain traction. Then, thanks to a couple of IG posts from Bardi herself, “Coronavirus Remix” took off, cementing itself as the literal anthem to the pandemic. The certified bop is currently #1 in Bulgaria, Egypt and Brazil, in the US top 10 and #60 in Australia (we have some work to do).

Below were the track’s global standings as of yesterday. Standings have obviously changed since then, but these figures are still a great insight into the remix’s growing impact on iTunes.

Cardi’s now working on getting credited. “We working on it,” she tweeted. “Im automatically credited its MY VOICE ! But if I put my name right now we might have to delete the song and upload again.”

Alexa play, iMarkkeyz’s “Coronavirus” featuring Cardi B. I will no longer rest until it is atop the Australian iTunes charts.