You’d think people would learn, but here we are again: yet another all-dude lineup, and yet another absolutely disastrous response to someone mentioning it. 
Canberra‘s ANU Bar is getting demolished this year, and they’re celebrating 60 years of gigs by chucking one last big party. The show, set for June 17, features a massive 11 acts, including Regurgitator. Oh, and exactly zero non-dudes. 
Obviously, someone on the Facebook event page noticed. And of course the booker, Greenroom Canberra, responded. And… yeah.
Ooohhh boy, is this ever an example of what not to do.
Like sure, I get it – if you’re a booker, you’re already stressed out, you’re juggling a bunch of shit all at once, and most likely the gender breakdown of your lineup has never crossed your mind.
But if someone points out that you’ve gone and booked an entire show’s worth of bros, surely the correct response is, “Oh shit, you’re right – can you recommend me any awesome Canberra bands with non-dudes who’d be keen to play?”
I mean, the event is in June. It’s not like you’re pressed for time. What gives, my buds? My guys? What’s up with that, my bronies?
By all means, check out the entire (still-raging) shitshow on the event page, where the debate spans the full spectrum of The Music Scene in 2017: from “why don’t you just book your own gig”, to “we asked chicks but they couldn’t do it”, to “it’s not about gender, it’s about the music, man”, to “I don’t complain about there being no techno acts on the lineup which is exactly the same thing”, to “FEMINAZIS!!!” 
What a time to be alive.
Source: Music Feeds.
Image: Facebook / Matt Sandford.