God bless Canada, and all who dwell within her, for it is truly the home of just the gosh-darned cutest bullshit the world’s ever seen.

Case in point: this bunch of cheery Canucks who found themselves stranded at an airport thanks to a delayed flight. Did they moan and passive-aggressively include the airline’s Twitter handle in their disgruntled tweets? Of course not; they’re Canadian.

Instead, when the charmingly-named Sheldon Thornhill found himself stuck in Toronto after his WestJet flight to St John’s was delayed for ages, he brought out his accordion. His mate Sean Sullivan whipped out a guitar. And just like that, the two middle-aged musos had the whole gate singing and dancing.

And not to your standard ‘Wonderwall‘ either – the two blokes are well-versed in Canadian traditional folk songs, and that’s what they played.

The whole thing was captured by fellow passenger Michelle Sacrey Philpott, who posted a whole bunch of videos of the surprisingly joyous occasion on her Facebook page.

Sullivan revealed to CBC News that this wasn’t the first time the pair had entertained people stymied in transit.

My buddy with the accordion, Sheldon… I’m a bit shyer than he is

Anytime we’re gathered around airports like that, he’s often taken out his accordion just out of the blue and started playing for people.

He also said that even the captain of the delayed flight joined in the singalong, which for some reason has broken my heart into a hundred happy pieces.

What’s purer than a gaggle of good-natured folk from the land of the maple leaf singing ‘Sweet Forget Me Not‘ to the sound of an accordion and a guitar in an airport terminal? Turns out: nothing. Happy holidays, you bunch of angels.

Source: SBS