Thank fuck for Camp Cope.

The Melbourne three-piece group has been on a tear since they practically kicked their way into band rooms around the country barely two years ago. Tough, endearing, and as uncompromising as any group before or since, their music has always maintained a rage that belies its more melodic and harmonious leanings.

But most importantly, and moreso than most others, their success is entirely self-built. Not through the advice and aid of the male-dominated music industry, but often in complete defiance of it.

And it’s the industry’s long-engrained sexism and belittlement that’s the target of the band’s brand-spanking new single ‘The Opener,’ which dropped online earlier today.

The tune – the lead track taken from the band’s yet-to-be-revealed second LP, scheduled for release in 2018 via indie label Poison City Records – takes aim squarely at the men in the industry that’ve looked down their nose at them – at women writ large – and the baffling and often infuriatingly same-same festival and show lineups that feature few, if any, women or non-binary artists. Particularly those that plead innocence or “we’re trying” after – or worse still, before – the fact.

The track is hot fire, and singer/guitarist Georgia Maq practically rips her own throat out as the song builds to its climax.

How’s this line:

You worked so hard, but we were just lucky / To ride those coattails into infinity / And all my success has got nothing to do with me / Yeah, tell me again how there just aren’t that many girls in the music scene.

Hell freakin’ yes.

If a few of those “open secrets” of the music industry aren’t innately terrified of this band, today’s the day to start. Raw, fierce, uncompromising, completely and utterly vital. More than just a band for the current time, a band for the ages. The way all bands actually worth a shit should, and can only be.

I shout it repeatedly: Thank fuck for Camp Cope.

The song is live on Spotify now. You can also slap some dollars down for it via the usual outlets.

Camp Cope’s last show for 2017 is set for December 3rd at the giant and beautiful Forum in Melbourne alongside Cash Savage & The Last Drinks with support from the almighty RVG. Cop ticket details via the Facebook event page.

Image: Supplied