Well Played: If You Search ‘Harry Styles’ On Bunnings’ Website, Its Straw Hat Now Comes Up

Harry Styles wearing the bunnings hat at his concert in melbourne

In an impressive display of corporate quick thinking, Bunnings has altered the search results algorithm on its website to return the “Bunnings Large Straw Hat” as the top result when customers search for “Harry Styles“.

There’s an IT nerd somewhere at Bunnings right now having a good ol’ giggle to themselves.

In case you missed it, Harry performed in Melbourne on Friday night and donned the infamous Bunnings hat during his set.

You gotta give the man credit for getting immersed in the local culture. Even if he did wear the hat backwards…

There’s just something magical about the contrast of Harry wearing a glammed-up outfit and simply plopping the ~rustic~ straw hat on top as an accessory. It’s so whacky it works.

The hat was originally given to Harry by a young girl from Mildura who is a Bunnings employee. The girl’s mum contacted Channel 9 to dob her family in as the hat-gifters in question. Respect.

For context, Mildura is about a six hour drive from Melbourne.

From all reports, the concert popped the absolute fuck off to Harry’s credit.

The state of Victoria might’ve totally sold out of feather boas but it looked like it would’ve been worth it judging from the Insta Stories.

See below the “before” and “after” angles of the feathery carnage that went on at the concert.

At the end of the day, we’d much prefer Harry don a Bunnings straw hat to culturally assimilate rather than doing a shoey as he did in the Western Australian oasis of Perth.

We’re a diverse country, surely there are more cultural activities we can offer touring artists to do during their sets than just drinking out of a shoe?

Or perhaps not… Maybe bullying singers into skulling beer from their footwear is the best articulation of where our country’s at?

It’s always foot-beer o’clock somewhere!