BROCKHAMPTON Surprise Sydney Fans & Film Music Video At Doco Premiere

The hardest working boyband in the music business is really making the absolute most of their first trip to Australia and yes I am aware I said this at the start of the week when they dropped the clip for SAN MARCOS but for real this time, the boys have been fuckin’ B U S Y.

[jwplayer kZ1UKZzl]

Between playing Listen Out Festival and a sold-out run of their own headline shows, the Texas-born collective/powerhouse were in Sydney the day that their documentary, The Longest Summer In America, dropped. Syd played host to a premiere screening of the doco, and, as was the hot rumour, the BROCKHAMPTON boys were in attendance. They held a Q&A after the screening, and about 600 fans were bloody chuffed.

All well and good, right? What a cracker of a Thursday night huh? May as well clock off and go to bed cos it’s not going to get any better than that.

Nope. Not even close.

At the end of the Q&A, Kevin Abstract‘s odd tweet earlier in the day that called for all attendees at the Sydney screening to “wear a black tshirt” made a lot more sense – they’re smashing out ANOTHER video clip, babey!

A raucous and rioting video for NEW ORLEANS that was apparently done and dusted in four takes, BROCKHAMPTON turned Sydney’s biggest cinema – Event Cinema on George St – into a mosh pit. This happened yesterday evening at like 8pm. Literally turned it around in under 24rs. I love it SO. MUCH.

Check out the video below and pray for Joba, who I think maybe got entirely swallowed by the crowd.