Sweet, blessed Queen Britney Spears has done a hell of a lot in her career, and she’s still only 35-years-old somehow.

And while the accolades she’s accumulated throughout her career have mostly been shared by her contemporaries, we can just about guarantee she’s now the only recording artist to add “delayed the democratic process in Israelto her mantlepiece.

These days Britters is hard at work at a Las Vegas residency, but she’s taken the northern hemisphere summer off to get out of the Nevada desert and do a little touring through Europe and Asia. One of those stops is in Tel Aviv, Israel, and it’s causing quite the ruckus.

The gig, set to go down on July 3 in the city’s sprawling Yarkon Park, has attracted so much attention that the Israeli Labor Party has decided to push their primary elections back one full day.

The party, the social-democratic HaAvoda group, was set to hold their primaries on July 3 as well. But fears that people in central Israel would not be able to reach polling stations due to the concert have seen them push the date back.

A short statement from the party did not cite Spears by-name, but it name-checked the park and referred to the “major event” occurring there on that day.

“The election date was delayed by one day due to the fact that there is a major event at Yarkon Park on July 3.”

Spears herself has not indicated any official position in Israeli politics and outright refuses to assert her views on the conflict at the Gaza Strip, nor has she indicated whether her new-found political influence will be used to stage a concert in the neighbouring West Bank in an attempt to impel Israel to withdraw from the region.

We’re not saying her entry into geo-political matters is toxic. But oops, she’s bloody done it again.

Source: Jerusalem Online.

Photo: C Flanigan/Getty.