WATCH: Britney Spears Left Visibly Shaken After Gronk Fan Rushes The Stage

Protect Britney Spears at all costs.

That’s a credo we should all live by, but it’s especially true for security staff – and, crucially, the back-up dancers – at Spears’ massive Las Vegas residency, who literally sprung into action yesterday to tackle a fan who rushed the stage.

At the tail-end of Spears’ huge (You Drive Me) Crazy, the bloke in question managed to make his way onto the Planet Hollywood stage. As the 35-year-old singer asked fans if they were having fun, security managed to get a hold of him.

Several of her crew also piled on, before a visibly-shaken Spears cottoned on to what was happening. She was rushed off the stage, as the crowd began to chant “asshole” towards the unwanted intruder. As you would.

Another angle shows the dude pulling some acrobatic moves in his attempt to get closer to the star.

Fortunately, Spears was able to perform one more classic after that v. worrying incident.

Las Vegas Metro Police Department identified the man as 37-year-old Jason Webb, and arrested him for trespassing.

Jesse Webb. Handout / Getty Images

Spears is seeing her Piece Of Me residency out until the end of the year. Hopefully this incident serves as a lesson to any other gronks who want to ruin the fun for everyone else.