Britney Spears And Russell Crowe Engage In Adorable Twitter Banter

Yesterday on Twitter occurred what was possibly the cutest celebrity exchange of 2013, when newly single mother of two, Britney Spears, engaged the hirsute 2013 AACTA Awards host, Russel Crowe, in a spot of banter.

A fan posted a side-by-side comparison picture of Crowe in his Javert getup from Les Miserables alongside Spears in her 2004 “Toxic” ensemble, noting that the two outfits look remarkably similar. Shortly after Russell retweeted the pic, Britney suggested they perform a mashup together, surely the most amazing hypothetical collaboration conceivable, and something that a DJ/producer/bored person should sort out IMMEDIATELY and please give it to us.

Imagine the synchronised dancing possibilities…

Also, he called her ‘young lady’. Squeeeee.

Words by Stephanie Squadrito