The BRIT Awards Opened With A Savage Piss-Take Of Fyre Festival

There aren’t many actual jokes you can make about Fyre Festival purely because the reality of it is far funnier than anything you could ever make up in response. So when the BRIT Awards decided to take aim at the infamous trainwreck, they took the much smarter route of simply parodying what really happened rather than make anything up.

[jwplayer GfoHcP6v]

England’s biggest music awards show opened this morning with a seriously great mimicking of the now-infamous influencer-laden promotional video that both completely broke the internet and set the whole shebang on a collision course with disaster.

Host Jack Whitehall pops up dancing in between a bunch of faux-Instagram models as the (ahem) “BRYT” awards kicked off with a timely reminder that Blink-182 would not, in fact, be appearing.

That’s as good a parody as you’re gonna get this side of having Jack admit he was ready to suck dick to get the awards statues released in time for the ceremony or whatever.

Almost two years after the fact and two things remain absolutely true:

  1. The entire Fyre Festival saga is still really, really funny, and;
  2. Ja Rule should absolutely be in prison.

Seriously, where the hell is Ja in all this.

I saw straight through Billy McFarland like everyone else did but it definitely doesn’t take a genius to figure out he took a few falls for a few people.

That’s my considered take on the matter.