Briggs, Self-Proclaimed People’s Champion, Crowdfunds Cash For WWE Belt

Briggs has been knocking it out of the fucking park lately, taking Hugo from Flight Facilities to task for some wildly dingus opinions on blackface, and helping educate the population by pointing out that ‘White Chicks‘ is not a valid defence for, again, blackface.

Suitably, because he’s a goddamn champion, he decided he needed to get his hands on a championship built. Specifically, this one:
The exchange rate is still completely shithouse and probably only Mark Zuckerberg has $600 lying around to get an (admittedly very dope) wrestling built, so he decided to take to crowdfunding to see if it was the will of the people, starting a GoFundMe page with an urgent plea:
“My name is Briggs. I am the People’s Champion and I don’t have a belt. It’s kind of embarrassing really, to be a beltless champion. There’s a big chip on my shoulder where a Championship Belt should be. Help me remove the chip and put a belt there.”
Having gone $200 over the amount required in just 24 hours, it seems like it absolutely was.
Briggs kindly took the time to have a chat with P.TV and told us he did the thing on a whim:
“I was taking the piss, having a laugh. I was just seeing what could be crowdfunded.

“I didn’t have to wrestle anyone. It turns out I’m the champion because I’ve got $600.”

Despite the wrestle-free ease with which he acquired it, he’s got big plans for what he’s going to do with the thing:

“Marvel at it. But I think I want to take it around and have some fun with it. I think the ultimate goal, where this belt ends up will be some kind of charity thing. 
“I’ll take it around, I’ll get my friends of note to sign it and, you know, bring a bit of attention around the belt and I’ll give it to a charity that I haven’t thought of yet and they can just have it, they can auction it. 

“They might even want to keep it. Who knows? They might even want to be the champion.”
It’s already gone over the target amount but he says he’s going to stop it now that he’s got enough for the belt:

“I’ll cease it, I bit off way more than I chew. Maybe that that $200 can go to my next GoFundMe: Buy Briggs a Bugatti

“Just a Veyron thats fine. Sometimes a champion has to go 400km/h. I think they’re like a mil. if I can raise $800 in one night… I don’t know it takes, I’ll have to do the maths.”
Fingers crossed writing this article qualifies me for a ride when gets it, I think that’s how that works.
Photo: GoFundMe.