Here’s ARIA-Winning Legend Bridie Connell With An Anthem For A Quiet Saturday

Though it’s been officially gone from the ABC for a hot minute now, the former roster of Tonightly still bats incredibly deep. And “winning an ARIA Award” apparently hasn’t caused Bridie Connell, arguably the breakout star of the show, to rest on any laurels.

[jwplayer qtXAEtfy]

Connell just dropped a wildly funny new bop It’s Saturday Night (and I’m Staying In), a follow-up to Sex Pest that nabbed her the Best Comedy Release ARIA Award this year alongside Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd.

Connell’s newest hilarious ditty addresses a crucial issue: Going out sucks ass, and there are no bangers championing a nice night in.

Not anymore, but.

Not anymore.

Honestly, we couldn’t put it any better than the official press release that accompanied the release of the song today:

It’s Saturday Night (and I’m Staying In)” is an ode to slothfulness and JOMO (the joy of missing out). In the video, Bridie eschews a big night out on the turps for a night of Uber Eats, decluttering and Netflix. It’s a pretty compelling picture of just how good it can be to stay in and do nothing. Self-care is queen, people. Treat yourself this Saturday and stay in.

Seriously. Going out to the pub with friends and having a big one on a Saturday night is good and all. But have you ever tried cancelling all your plans, getting two pizzas delivered, having a bath, and being in bed by 10?

That shit’ll change your damned life.

Another ARIA for this tune, please and thank you.