Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie Begs Fans To Stop Kissing Him At Concerts

Panic At The Disco babe Brendon Urie has kindly asked fans to stop kissing him at his shows because, well, it’s fkn gross and invasive.

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The 31-year-old frontman of the band that soundtracked your teen years took to the live-streaming video platform Twitch to recount an incident that occurred during the band’s Pray for the Wicked Tour where a fan got a little too intimate during the death walk stroll of his 2016 song ‘Death of a Bachelor’.

“Oh man, so it happened again last night. I went in for a hug. I’m not even mad, I just get like bummed, you know? Yeah, I went in for a hug, and a girl like kissed my neck — my sweaty, gross neck. And it was, yikes dude,” Urie said in the video.

 “The neck kiss is so intimate, too — it’s just like an extra fuck you to me. You know what I mean? Ugh. Please stop kissing me on the death walk. Please stop kissing me. Please.”

After his rant went viral across the interwebs, Urie’s longtime security guard Zack Cloud Hall offered the following stern warning via Twitter:

“Just a heads up folks. I’m done with this crap of kissing Brendon during the ‘death walk’. If I see it, you will be kicked out of the show right away. The end.”

Urie has a history of being harassed by fans. In 2017, the singer revealed that he and his wife Sarah were forced to move out of their Los Angeles house to a more private residence because their home was constantly being bombarded by fans.

“Since my address was public, would receive letters and/or gifts from fans. This never bothered me. But as time progressed, so did the amount of letters. Not just letters and gifts, this soon changed into visits and constant harassment from fans. It got so bad that I didn’t feel safe in my own home,” Urie wrote on Twitter at the time.

“I have moved on from what was once a safe place. I only hope this sheds light on what inappropriate behaviour looks like. Boundaries are boundaries for a reason. Everyone has a right to feel safe and everyone has an obligation to be happy. So I’m taking my family somewhere that might make this a possibility.”

Seriously guys, I know he’s a mega level babe but he’s still a person and therefore deserving of privacy which includes NOT being kissed at concerts and having his home invaded by strangers, FFS.