Boutique Sydney Music Festival Improved Immeasurably By Presence of Thom Yorke

We enjoyed the chill maiden run of boutique Sydney music festival OutsideIn (presented in Marrickville last weekend by Astral People and Yes Please Records) for a bunch of reasons. The acts – which included international guests Smoke DZA, Jesse Boykins III, Melo-X and Shigeto as well as local legends HTRK, Flume, Oliver Tank, Guerre and Albatross – were all great. The rain held off. The vibe was inclusive and fun. And not one dickhead in sight. Also, a guy named Thom Yorke was there!

“He was there as a guest of Africa Hitech,” Astral People co-founder Vic Edirisinghe tells us. “We had no idea he was coming til about 6pm on the day and had to keep it on the down low from everyone which was hard. When he finally arrived backstage he was actually one of the most chilled guys. It was funny just watching everyone try and play it cool but all have a stupid grin on their faces at the same time.”

Great work guys. We can’t wait to see who drops in next year (we’re looking at you Beyonce).

Radiohead plays the first of back-to-back Sydney shows tonight at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.