Japanese experimental rock band Boredoms are coming back to Australia, and they need your help.

Pioneers of the Boadrums project, in which they collect dozens of ADD percussionists and drummers and get them together in an open area (read: Brooklyn, Melbourne), the gang will be returning to Australia for the super-special date of 11/11/11 aka 111BOADRUM, and they’ll be doing it in Byron Bay, which should be awesome. Last we checked, they were still auditioning/begging for around 100 cymbal players, so if you want to get your racket on, head to this page for the details.

We’ve managed to find some pics of the site where they’ll be smashing it out, an island quarry somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Looks pretty rad.

If you want to know what you’re in for, here’s a video of the first Boadrum event, as captured by the bros from Vice:

Get your sticks ready, then.