Bono Name Checks The Temper Trap

In our ongoing search for Tell Tale Signs The Temper Trap Have Made It – traveling through time to win ARIA awards, creating their own beer, soundtracking Zooey Deschanel’s essence – this might be the most compelling indicator yet of their current cultural relevance. And they once scored a Perez Hilton endorsement.

In an interview conducted by U2 fansite, Bono has revealed how the Melbourne band influenced U2’s new record and erroneously attributed the prevailing blend of guitars and synthesisers to the London based expats. I think New Order would have something to say about that.

Regardless, here’s what Bono had to say…

“Something really exciting is that finally the rock band is melting into clubland and experimenting with sounds that are not normally deemed authentic for the rock band – synthesizers, experimental sounds – which you can hear in an album by the Temper Trap. That’s exciting, a new hybrid.”

The Temper Trap are currently working on their sophomore album with M83 producer Tony Hoffer.

Tune in next week for more Tell Tale Signs The Temper Trap Have Made It.

Via The Music Network