Bon Iver Want You To Remix Their ‘Bon Iver’ Album For Them

Are you the next Tiesto? The next asymmetrically hair-dude womp womp wub wub wizard, à la ma boy Skrilly? Do you want to command ridiculous appearance fees of up to $250,000 per night ($22 million p/a), launch your own clothing line or wear a mouse costume? Of course you do! And those friendly lads behind critically adored folk band Bon Iver want to give you a helping mitten (because it’s too cold to go bare-handed wherever they are).

The Grammy award winning Bonny Bear band have extended an offer, a call to arms, to their musically diverse fans to remix songs from their sophomore album for a Spotify exclusive album featuring the ten best EDM renditions of songs like Perth, Calgary and Towers. Each winning entry will receive a neat little $1000 prize after enduring two rounds: the first being a public vote with the final track listing decided by Justin Vernon and co.

Do you know how many pairs of vegan friendly Bon Iver-designed shoes you could buy for $1000? Thirteen and one third! That’s a whole lotta questionable salmon coloured feline friendly footwear.

Perhaps instead you could make the argument that the beauty of these songs comes from their being as far as possible away from the likes of SHM, or Afrojack, and that to remix the woods out of them seems contrary to the state and intention with which they were produced: in log cabins, unplugged and with the staggered pulse of a broken heart the only BPM you need! It might have also been a nice touch to offer some form of actual collaboration between the band and a select few winners.

If purist allegiances or the odds that you won’t be chosen aren’t enough to dissuade you, you can enter the Bon Iver, Bon Iver: Stems Project here. Good luck, would-be-Pauly-D’s! Go Guetta ’em!

Here’s a Skinny Love remix to give you some inspo. Maybe this won’t be such a bad thing after all?

Photo by Kevork Djansezian for Getty Images Entertainment

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