Bloke Swapped His Sister’s Goldfish For Carrots & She Still Has No Fkn Clue

In the age-old discipline of sibling rivalry, a world littered with noogies, wet willies and the eternally-popular “smell the cheese”, there is, and SHOULD BE, an unsaid code of conduct in which pets are off limits.

Understand then, the unprecedented high-stakes of this ongoing game of cat and mouse (or, fish and carrot as it were) that we feel compelled to report on.
In a move that would make mid-noughties Ashton Kutcher’s trucker-cap adorned head explode in jealousy, Twitter user Samuel Annis is currently in the midst of what can only be considered one of the greatest goldfish related pranks of all time, swapping out his sisters lil’ fishies for a surprisingly similar looking pair of baby carrots.

Whilst there’s very little known about this Machiavellian fish theft, one would assume a brotherly life lesson is in the midst of being dished the fuck out, and that when eventually the sister discovers she’s been plonking fish food into a purely vegetable-populated bowl for 5 days (5 DAYS!!!!), she’ll walk away with some much needed insight on the responsibilities of parenthood… or some shit.

Sure the brazen thievery does seem to be crossing the aforementioned lines of what is right and wrong in sibling warfare, but be rest assured that the goldfish themselves are unaware of the cut-throat game of chess they are at the centre of, as seen here happily chilling in Samuel’s own fish tank, their tiny dumb fish-brains unable to comprehend their sudden fame:


What will be the response once the scandalous carrot-swap is discovered by young Ms Annis? Will the ante be upped somehow, perhaps with a family dog involved? Who will be first to call the other “a big stinky butt head”?

War is never pleasant, friends, but at least in the case, it’s funny as fuck.
Stay tuned for updates on CarrotBowl 2k17 (maybe).

Image: Twitter /@SamuelAnnis.