Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke goes solo

With three Bloc Party albums under his belt, Kele Okereke is leaving the nest and venturing out into the big bad of solo projects.

Producer for NME, Hudson Mohawke opened his big mouth in an interview with BBC Radio 1xtra yesterday, saying he would be working with the leading man.

‘It hasn’t been finalized yet, but I’m also kinda doing a little bit of stuff for Kele from Bloc Party’s solo album as well. He’s doing a record with one of the guy’s from Spank Rock, so possibly gonna be doing some stuff for that,’ Mohawke let slip.

The news about the solo project adds fuel to the already burning †Bloc Party Are No More’ fire that was sparked up after drummer Matt Tong said he was unsure about whether he would return to the band.

Okereke also said he was skeptical about the bands future, hinting they will be taking an uber extended break from one another for a while

It was also announced last week the †Bloc Party DJs’ will be jumping on board the Aussie summer festival train for the †BBQ Beats’ gig in Brisbane on New Years Day.

Okereke visited Oz before for a DJ-only tour and Matt Tong also played DJ gigs in Oz earlier this year.

Considering the uncertainty about the bands future as it is, a sneaky Bloc Party side show is no doubt not going to happen. So probably a sensible idea to save up your pennies on another dream gig next time you stop by the musical wishing well.