Blink-182 Are The ‘Dorian Gray’ Of Punx, Reveal Another Inexplicable Banger

Against seemingly all odds, the new Blink-182 album is actually shaping up to be pretty, pretty, pretty decent.

The group, moving back to their purely double-time snot-nosed punk rock roots in the wake of Tom DeLonge‘s departure has already spat out two tracks from the upcoming LP ‘California‘: The ok-sounding ‘Bored To Death‘ and the ripping, classic-Blink 15-second jam that is ‘Built This Pool‘.
Now we can get our ears around a third cut from the album, in the double-time, straight-ahead, verse/chorus banger that is ‘Rabbit Hole.’
The track sees new guitarist/punk rock whiz Matt Skiba take command of an entire verse of vocals, as well as laying down some tasty vocal harmonies behind Mark Hoppus.
Hell, this isn’t just not bad. It’s actually pretty bloody great.

Imagine it. It’s 2016 and Blink-182, of all freakin’ bands, is probably gonna drop the summer party jam/get rad album of the year.
Wonders never cease, I tell you.

Source: Facebook.
Photo: Facebook.