High street ladies fashion brands are kind of limited in what they can do with advertising. You’ve got to appeal to the masses so it can’t be too smart. And you’ve got to avoid any references or injokes that could isolate any part of the demographic. And you must ensure phrases like “fun and bubbly”, “youthful innocent” and “colourful energy” are used as hyperbole to pitch the vibe you’re going for. With that said, of all the bands that Myer could have selected to soundtrack the Autumn/Winter 2011 campaign for their youth fashion offshoot, Miss Shop, we admit Bleeding Knees Club would not have been an obvious choice. It’s just that their who-gives-a-fuck surf/garage/punk vibe seemed more apropos for thrashing across a dancefloor than it does for representing the youthful exuberance of frolicking teenage girls… But then we realised those two things (teen girls, dancefloor thrashing) are pretty much bread and butter.

“Have Fun” is the name of the insanely catchy tune by one of the Gold Coast’s most rip-roaring young bands who, we hope, are making some mad bank off this little spot.

HAVE FUN by Bleeding Knees Club

Bleeding Knees Club