Beyond The Valley Issues Severe Weather Warning, But Punters Assured “The Show Will Go On”

beyond the valley warning

Punters at this year’s Beyond The Valley are being warned to look after themselves and their friends as festival organisers issue a severe weather warming.

Hours after Falls Festival pulled the pin on their annual Lorne event, Beyond The Valley has taken to Facebook to issue a severe weather warning for Monday 30th of December.

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The event will go ahead, but high winds and extreme heat is predicted to hit Lardner, Victoria on Monday.

Festival-goers are being warned to secure tents and belongings, removing extra shade cloths and marquees to avoid getting damaged in strong winds.

“Due to the predicted high winds we ask that you now make it a priority to secure your tents, external structures and belongings, and take down everything else including marquees, extra shade cloth, inflatables and anything else in your campground,” the statement read.

Organisers have warned that the main arena may be closed temporarily throughout the day during periods of high, gusty winds. Punter should seek shelter at their campsites if this should occur.

The statement, posted on Facebook, also offered advice on avoiding heatstroke or exhaustion during the festival.

“Please keep hydrated, given the conditions we will have free bottled water available at the info hubs at each campsite. Seek shade during the peak heat of the day tomorrow. Shelter in the safety of your campsite while we wait out this extreme weather.”

“Make yourself and your friends aware of the location of info hubs, first aid stations etc.”

Thankfully, the weather is expected to cool down before 31st, so punters will be free to ring in the new year to the sounds of their favourite artists.

Beyond The Valley has urged punters to share the statement with friends or family who may not have seen it due to poor mobile coverage, insisting that “safety is always [their] number one priority.”

To quote the great Rob Thomas, “man it’s a hot one,” so take care of yourself and your mates if you’re heading out to Beyond The Valley this week. Keep hydrated, stay alert and stay safe this New Years, pals.