Beyoncé’s Love Song To Blue Ivy, Beyoncé ‘God Made You Beautiful’ Leaks In Full

God Made You Beautiful‘, the next promotional leak from the unscheduled, untitled and unconfirmed fifth album by Saint Beyoncé and also featured in Beyoncé’s documentary about Beyoncé, Life Is But A Dream, is now available in full for you to listen to and feel empowered by while performing mundane tasks whose soul-crushing laboriousness is made all the more rapturous for having had Beyoncé accompany you on every step of your journey through life.
The song itself starts off very ‘Circle of Life’ before it segues into a sequel to ‘Halo’; spiralling ever upward into an ego-inflating lullaby that centres largely on the song’s titular affirmation, which you can imagine being sung repeatedly to Blue Ivy. It is, sadly, no ‘Halo’.