Beyoncé Name-Checked OnlyFans In Megan Thee Stallion Remix & Sent Stans Into A Fkn Meltdown

One thing I simply wasn’t ready for this morning was hearing Beyoncé return to the throne and blessing us all in isolation by putting down some bars on a Megan Thee Stallion hit. And I definitely wasn’t ready for her to namecheck OnlyFans in her feature. It’s here, it’s happening, and yep it’s aware of its viral status on TikTok – a new remix of ‘Savage‘ has landed and I’m almost game enough to say that it’s better than the original.

Dropping first thing this morning for us down here in the Oceania region, like a little treat to warm us up in this sudden cold snap, the remix has Beyonce blending in seamlessly to the powerful self pump-up track.

The lyrics are true; she’s a treat. A chef’s kiss. God damn it’s good.

The track itself was released as part of the Bread Of Life campaign, and is helping to raise money specifically for residents of Houston, Texas struggling to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown. Both Beyoncé and Megan are from the Texas city, so it’s something that clearly sits close to their hearts.

Anyway, check out the track below, and absolutely try not to drop it down and twerk it out in your trackie dacks. I dare you to not.

It’s absolutely not me that’s lost it entirely over the remix – which I’m pretty sure is the first we’ve heard Bey rapping since 2016’s Lemonade – it’s kicked up both the Beyhive and Megan’s Hotties, with everyone going into meltdown and panic stations online.

Please enjoy and also know that everything here is also extremely me as I hit play for the tenth time on this god damned song.

Even Zendaya has broadcasted her reaction to listening to the Beyoncé X Megan Thee remix for the first time.

And Lil Nas X has shared his thoughts.

But maybe most importantly, OnlyFans has responded to being namechecked in the track, and encouraged Beyoncé, Megan, and any other celebs, to be a part of the literal millions of people creating accounts during the COVID-19 shutdown.

We might be headed into winter over here but god damn if it isn’t Savage Summer in our hearts and asses.