Beyoncé Felt Generous, So She Signed Three Teenage Singers For $1.5 Million

While Jay-Z potters about in the garden shed with whatever the hell Tidal is, Beyoncé has gone ahead and made a big business decision of her own, signing three young singers to her Parkwood Entertainment label.
The fresh-faced youngsters, who are now blessed with the Beyoncé stamp of approval and/or cursed with massively high expectations, are covers duo Chloe and Halle Bailey, and solo artist Sophie Beem.
LA-based sisters Chloe and Halle, aged 17 and 15, are already YouTube stars in their own right, and have a popular cover of ‘Pretty Hurts’:
New Yorker Beem has a lower profile on social media, but made it to the top 40 of X-Factor in 2012, when she was 13:
The Bailey sisters were signed for $US1,000,000, for up to six albums over five years, and per News Limited, Beyoncé will take in 15% of their gross earnings. Beem herself scored $US560,000, presumably on a similar deal. 
Sorry, did we say ‘generous’?
Get it, Beyoncé.
Photo: Al Bello via Getty Images