Following Beyoncé on multiple social media platforms is not just a daily reminder to Bey your best self –  inadequately cowering before her incorporeal social media presence – it’s also a great way to discover what Beyoncé does and does not approve of (waffles, King Krule; being a hater, your questionable lifestyle choices) by means of the photos, “Hot Links” and insights she gleans from every city and cottage she visits on each distended leg of The Mrs Carter Show World Tour

Killing time between shows in Adelaide, Beyoncé – and definitely not an entourage of professional social media consultants she employs to curate her lifestyle site, the BeyHive – has seen fit to beystow her beylessing on lauded “Australian fashion designer Dione Lee” [sic] and Emma Mulholland; her favourite Karen Walker shades; sports luxe fiend and Queensland blogger Mandy Shadforth of Oracle Fox and photographer Luke Byrne, as well as the Australian Art Show, which took place in Sydney at a time when Beyoncé was definitely not in Sydney.

Bey plays her final two Australian shows this weekend in Perth. Make haste and buy tickets here or forever hold your peacé.

via FaceBeyK

Picture: Ian Gavan via Getty Images