Beni Single’s World Tour Diary Part #2

Tour blog part 2:

I arrive in Milan at around 6pm. I slept the whole way, Finnair has to be the worst airline in the world.

I get picked up by a kid who cant speak English, everyone in Italy drives twice as fast as anywhere else in the world, I get to my hotel and its this shitty little dungeon in the ghetto, I’m too tired to talk to anyone so I decide t go for a walk and get some proper Italian food, as I am walking the streets I hear this crazy screaming and yelling, this lady is beating the fuck out of this guy on the corner of the street, she kicking and screaming punching him in the head!! Shit was crazy! Needless to say I walked the other way and found a nice little restaurant I ordered a glass of red wine, but lost somewhere in translation I ended up with a bottle.

I ate way too much!!! The food was great then I stumbled back to the hotel to recharge for the next consecutive 5 nights of craziness..

I woke up fresh!!!!! Ready to go see Milan!
I walk out side its fucking freezing and pouring with rain, I go get a café and a panini but the wind is whipping me like a fucking cowboy on crack so I go back to the hotel and work on a remix for in flagranti for a few hours, lunchtime!

I love Italian food, my favourite thing about travelling is eating traditional food In other countries,

So I go for a walk now with 2 jackets and an umbrella, Milan sucks there is nothing to do I go to another restaurant and again order like a motherfucker!! Carpaccio, Gnocci, Salada, Polpete.

A couple of glasses of wine as I sit there writing the treatment for the video of my love sees you.

Drunk and alone in a city you never been to it’s hard to remember where your hotel is after walking past numerous ‘sexy shops’ i finally go back to my hotel and again sleep for a good 4 hours the thing about travelling intensively like this is, when you can sleep you just crash, I can never nap at home but when I’m touring I sleep anywhere,
I wake up to a phone call from allo the promoter he is coming to pick me up and go get some dinner and drinks, great!!

I shower get my shit ready and we go, allo is very cool dude he had 2 friends with him and they are all amazing people, and they speak English!


We go have a drink and then they take me to the most famous pizza restaurant in Milan!

Pizza like this is mind blowing everybody in the restaurant has there own pizza no body shares, it’s a solo dish!

So so so happy and content we go to a bar get some more drinks and meet the rest of there friends, everybody is great and fun is had! I meet some funny people that night!!

So then we go to the club its this underground club with a light dance floor like studio 54, it is rammed!!! On a Wednesday night, we hang out drink meet some kids and a crazy 50 year old man! And then I start playing, it wasn’t what I expected of Milan at all, cool chilled kids just there for the music and dancing going crazy!! I played 2 hours and was amazing best set I played outside of japan for as long time!!!

Toilet rules milano style!

Then allo plays after me I hang around for a while then bed!…

Im still waiting on the photos from the club from all ill post them asap

I sleep all day until about 2pm then get picked up to go to the airport to fly to berlin,
Fucking, stop over in Geneva for 3 hours then delayed I don’t get to berlin till 11pm!

I’m late for dinner with robi headman, he already ate so he picks me up at my hotel and we drive around berlin trying to find somewhere I can eat at midnight we finally find somewhere I can get a salad, we drink some redwine and talk and it was really good to see him we haven’t talked in ages.


Now its time for the gig, we drive to this wharehouse venue it’s a vice party/exhibition, we get there, and its dead we walk up the stairs and the second floor is dead I meet the promoter and ask him where im playing, ummmmmmmmmm”” it’s a bit quieter than we expected your playing here on this floor’ oh after that English girl rapping your fucking wanker cunt you fucking wanker cunt! Seriously…

Before when I said how good and fun Milan was, this is the opposite 10 people!!! I play 2 records and the promoter comes up gives my my money and says sorry man but you should just go home, robi thinks this is hilarious, so he drives me back to the hotel and still by the time I get there its 4am.

I try to call my girlfriend no answer! I speak to my brother which is great but I wanted him to be with justice I miss my little nephew soooo much!

I try to call Frankie again and again!!! Serious bouje withdrawals!!

I sleep for 3 hours then wake up to fly to paris!!!!!! To play with the presets and glen from modular and dvno scenario rock, I quickly check my emails and I get a mail from isi from digitalism they are going to be in paris as well tonight!

Fun times!!!

To fly directly from berlin to paris takes about 1.5 hours but with my flight it takes 6 stop overs etc, I finally get to paris and get pick up by the original joe le taxi!! In a bentley!!!

I get to my hotel, hotel amour!!

My favourite hotel in paris each room is themed and its co owned by andre the French artist uffie’s husband, there is a room with 200 disco balls on the roof that don’t stop rotating, there is a room painted all black and at night you can see a flouro pussy on the roof!
My room is all green with a fan that says:whats up’ with illustrations around it!!

Maxime from kitsune comes to pick me up and give me the first vinyl copies of my loves sees you, it looks great, and all the new kitsune stuff!

Then we go for a walk to the kitsune boutique so I can pick some clothes!!! Free stuff is always good!!!

We walk to see digitalism at their hotel to organise dinner but no one can find a restaurant for 8 people in paris on a Friday night!

We finally find one I go home get my stuff shower and for some reason I just start walking, i have no idea where I am going!!

I cant get a taxi, but eventually I find the restaurant, with keith haring prints all over the walls, starving I see kim from presets, max, jean and constance from kitsune, amandine from ed banger, isi and jence from digitalism and we proceed to drink beer and vodka (kim’s idea.)

We eat then we go to the club.

Le showcase is huge!! It fits about 2000 people its under a bridge at the CHAMPS-ELYSEES…..

Playing space invaders with teki latex backstage.

We get there and drink more vodka backstage until the presets play, again they were amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glen looks incredible!!!

I’m on at 3am!!!!

Its still packed really really fun set, kim sitting on the stage next to me handing me every presets track he can find In my wallet while jean from kitsune is filling up my glass with vodka, it was fun fun nfunfunufnuf….

Kim and I had a sleep over, because his tour bus left for London at 3am and he wanted to stay!

We wake up, walk around paris have a croq monsieur then he goes to the train and I go to the plane.

Pisa – prato italy
Im fucking tired now I sleep for I hour on the plane but get woken p as we are landing I wanted to sleep for ever,

I get picked up go to my hotel then straight to dinner with steffano from bugged out!

He takes me to a beautiful traditional Italian Tuscan restaurant, we have fun chat he’s a good guy!

We get to the club and it’s an old meat storage warehouse full rave style strobes and all!!

I met some nice Italian dj before me, he and his girlfriend are lovely and really want to come to Australia.

I play and it’s fun it was like a proper italian rave!!! Strobes lazers everything..

Steffano plays a great set after me, then I go to the hotel and crash for about 8 hours!

I get picked up taken to the airport for London 3 days off before the kitsune uk tour starts! Through the uk, innit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More photos of shows are coming I worked out my camera doesn’t work so well in the dark like my language in an Italian restaurant, so I am getting them sent to me


Images supplied.