Get keen for Laneway, team. Looks like triple j will be making their presence known at the festival this year – like at Splendour and other festivals, they’ll be broadcasting from the ground, showing off live sets and interviews aplenty.

triple j will  be stationed at the Adelaide leg of the tour – and because that’s their hometown, Ben & Liam will be the official festival MCs on that date.

We love bringing the best live music to triple j listeners wherever they are in Australia,” said triple j content director Ollie Wards. “There’s no better way to do that than plug straight into the main stage at Laneway and take people to the front row in Adelaide.”

They’ll be following up A.B. Original, who took the mic to MC Laneway last year to huge success.

“Hailing from Adelaide, the home of the Hilltop Hoods, it’s always been a dream of ours to be bad ass emcees and play a huge home town show”, says Liam. “Although we won’t necessarily be rapping. We’ll just be telling ya to put sunscreen on and that. We’re still amped!”

We still don’t have the intel on who is taking the MC mic at the other Laneway dates, but we’ll absolutely keep you posted. You can buy Laneway tickets HERE.