Beach House Wrap Album Number Four? (UPDATED)

Baltimore duo Beach House are one of the least unlikeable band working right now. Their hazy, melodic brand of dream pop is gorgeous enough to melt the hearts of the staunchest haters, and band members Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally seem so cool and unphased by being awesome which makes the band even more endearing (Interview here).

With that in mind, I believe this maybe-news will be exciting to pretty much everyone who likes using their ears good. The historic Electric Lady Studios, the recording mecca where people like, oh you know, Hendrix, Black Sabbath and White Stripes recorded albums, posted a picture of Beach House on its Facebook page with the caption: “Just wrapped the new Beach House record in Studio A… such a rad record // band.”

Electric Lady have since removed the pic (most likely because the band’s label Sub Pop intervened once they noticed the spoiler) and so while there is absolutely no concrete evidence we wouldn’t be surprised to see a new Beach House record released sometime in 2012. Fingers crossed…

UPDATED Gorilla Vs Bear curator Chris Cantalini alerted us via Twitter that Sub Pop has confirmed that Electric Lady “jumped the gun” on the Facebook post so maybe no Beach House this year?