Banksy’s Identity Might Have Accidentally Been Revealed By A UK Muso

A careless slip of the tongue by UK drum’n’bass musician Goldie might have confirmed the long-secret identity of the elusive street artist known as Banksy
Speaking to an interviewer, Goldie was complaining about how the mainstream art world has commercialised graffiti when he apparently dropped a mate right in it, saying:

“Give me a bubble letter and put it on a T-shirt and write Banksy on it and we’re sorted. We can sell it now… No disrespect to Robert, I think he is a brilliant artist. I think he has flipped the world of art over.”
He paused after making the statement and immediately changed the subject, but for many, the mention of ‘Robert’ was enough to confirm the theory that Banksy is Robert Del Naja from the group Massive Attack
Last year, journalist Craig Williams carried out a months-long investigation into Banksy’s identity and concluded that he is most likely to be a team of street artists, with Del Naja as ringleader. 
Del Naja denied this at the time, saying it was “a good story but sadly not true”, although it has since been noted that Banksy murals tend to appear in cities where Massive Attack have just played gigs.  
Since the news broke, Goldie has been having a jolly old time on Twitter, saying that he and his mate 3D – Del Naja’s nickname – are “rolling around fucking pissing our pants” at the current media frenzy. 
That sounds … unhygienic, but sure:

Source: Independent.
Photo: Joseph Okpako / Getty.