And the Bangs saga continues. For those who aren’t aware of the Melbourne via Sudan internet hero, the story goes a little something like this. In mid June of this year a little known rapper by the name of Bangs uploaded a music video to Youtube. The track was called “Take U To Da Movies” – a disarmingly earnest popcorn saga/ode to dating that’s atonal, chivalrous, sleazy and just plain awesome.

A few weeks ago bloggers and other musician began to take notice and the internet proceeded to implode. As I write this “Take U To Da Movies” sits on 440,000 Youtube views, Bag Raiders have uploaded their own tribute video, and Sydney via California MC and Producer Snob Scrilla recently enlisted Bangs to guest live at a gig in The Prince of Wales Hotel in St Kilda.

It’s anyone’s guess what Bangs will get up to next but what we do know is that Pedestrian will write about it. Check out Bangs’ debut live performance below. You crazy for this one Snob!

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