Bangs Hits The Big Time In Car Commerical

Your boy Bangs first manhandled the internet last year with “Take U To Da Movies” an endearingly earnest date track that skillfully combined atonal choruses and stilted verses with popcorn innuendo and a blue screen. It was horrible…on first listen but like drinking alcohol and using Twitter that terrible first impression soon gave way to a legitimate appreciation that I, like many, still hold today. So aside from counting his internet money and pioneering a new form of hip hop that doesn’t require an innate understanding of melody or rhythm, what’s the Melbourne via Sudan rapper been up to lately? Selling cars and making mad bank that’s what.

Rappers have long worshiped certain car manufacturers as high powered status symbols and now Bangs joins those lofty ranks with a small car that’s appropriately proportionate to his skill level and respect. After spruiking a “fits anything you can imagine” tagline for The Jazz (their small car offering) the folk from Honda wanted to test that very theory by packing as many hipsters, ninjas, body builders and rappers into the car as possible. Below are the results of that experiment featuring your boy Bangs and some aloof twenty-somethings in cardigans.

If you like what you see, you can actually win a Jazz for yourself by heading to the Jazz Packing website and suggesting what the Honda team should pack their car with next. Our suggestion? Totally creepy interpretative dancers from Russia.