Last time we covered the opening of a Bang Gang affiliated night spot, the refurbished and reinvigorated Flinder’s Hotel in Surry Hills, haters descended from every corner of the internet to dismiss a DJ/club promoter’s ability to manage, maintain or properly stock a bar. How very Australian of you, anonymous commenters. Here’s a sampling….

oh yeah, awesome idea. notorious out of control wasteoids open a bar. what could posisbly go wrong?

find it rather interesting when people open bars that have no hospitality experience. im sorry but the clientele and attitude of this bar will be hideous. goodluck, youll need it.

haha…. im imagining these guys trying to lift kegs. going to a bar to party and dj and get wasted is one thing, but running a decent, profitable venue is another. good luck.

Now I’m no nightlife anthropologist or anything but turns out The Flinder’s is actually pretty good, right? Like good enough for Kanye to hover around for twenty minutes, high five a few people, sip a drink then bounce, nineteen minutes longer than he’d hang around the hypothetical bar you or I run on the corner of Cowardice and Never. Also, as far as I can tell from my limited interactions with the place, no one is neglecting management duties to “comfortably snort K and feel up chicks” as another anonymous commenter suggested. Maybe I was there on the wrong night. It seems to be going swimingly regardless and in an admirable effort to expand the empire – DJ, label head and nightlife impresario Jaime Wirth aka Jaime Doom has opened another bar at 305 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills. It’s called The Norfolk it reopens tomorrow night.