Bags Of Air From Kanye West Shows Are Overrunning eBay

Earlier this week, in a marketing move so audacious we’re having a hard time believing that Yeezy himself wasn’t behind it, a bag of air, allegedly captured at a Kanye West show, went on sale on eBay.
The product, an inflated ziploc bag with “Air From Kanye Show” written on it in marker, had a starting price of $5.00, but after the internet went nuts for it, as the internet is known to do, the bid jumped to more than $60,000.
The item was pulled from the site before the sale could be completed, but by that point, dozens more sellers were trying to get a taste of that bagged Kanye air money with their own knock-off products.
For the true connoisseur, the above limited edition, one gallon bag from a Yeezus show in October, comes with the “captured aroma of cannabis” and will run you $5000.
“The contents of the bag are used, and the bag is mostly full,” the seller explains. “I pinched a bit from the sack and I must say that it’s some dank.”

If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, there are other, lesser bags on sale for as little as $100.
This bag, allegedly containing one of Kanye’s farts, is a comparative steal at only $5.00.
eBay were originally taking the auctions down, but have apparently thrown their hands up in defeat, so if you want to waste your money on a bag of highly dubious oxygen, they won’t stand in your way.
via Rolling Stone
Photo: Pascal Le Segretain via Getty Images