Anyway, Here’s Backstreet Boys Doing ‘I Want It That Way’ On Toy Instruments

Folks, it’s Friday. It is FRIDAY. It is the blessed Day of Fri. And because it is so, and because it’s the end of the week, you all deserve some holy content to give your weekend the kick in the pants that it absolutely needs. In that regard, there are none better than the Backstreet Boys.

The Boys who are Back on the Streets have a very precious treat just for you this afternoon, in the form of a rendition of their enduring mega-hit I Want It That Way played entirely on children’s toys.

Part of the recurring segment on The Tonight Show with the desperately-trying-to-distance-himself-from-that-Trump-bit Jimmy Fallon, the Backest of Street Boys enlisted the consummate musical prowess of The Roots to put together a light and jolly version of the song which originally dropped in 1999, at the very tippy top of their mighty boy band powers.

Hope yr cheeks are all limbered up, because you’re about to do some smilin’.

Now THAT is content, right there. A hot slice of the good stuff. Delicious and nutritious.

All we need now is a version of Backstreet’s Back played only on kazoos and we’ll be well and truly away.

Enjoy your weekend, good folk! Have yourselves a sick one.