Azealia Banks Continues To Be The Worst

Another day, another drama, and another reason why some people should stay the hell away from social media.

It’s been quite the fall from grace for Azealia Banks. Many of us thought we had a game changer on our hands when Banks’ 212 tore a hole through our collective subconscious. With more attitude, diversity, and immediacy packed into three and a half minutes than most rappers can manage in an entire album, Banks effortlessly pumped out an ‘all time’ jam that looked set to propel her onto hip hop greatness.

Since then, she’s had an endless string of album delays, released a mix-tape, and posted a few covers and demos on her soundcloud. While nothing has come close to 212, much of her work has been solid enough. But as her trash talking beef-seeking online presence has evolved, solid enough is not nearly good enough.

Banks’ latest feud, during a tour that has already seen her call out the Stone Roses as“old saggy white niggas”, sees her butt heads with fellow Future tour mate Rita Ora over a pair of fucking jellies!

Rita Ora:


Azealia Banks:

This was followed up by Bank’s brand of bullshit stream of consciousness tweeting where she labels Ora as a bitchy, thirsty, Rhianna understudy before dropping her pièce de résistance of classless dick moves by posting a private text message from Ora onto her Instagram.

Ora has already played up to our vain, nationalistic sense of pride , indicating she’s seriously considering calling Australia home adding
I love everything – the men, the women, the bars.” So yeah, we’ve got Rita’s back on this one.

As for Banks, her performances have been punctuated by some great moments that serve to remind us of her potential. If she could just chill the fuck out for a while, it mightn’t be such chore to remain a fan.

via That Grape Juice