Just quietly, how good are Azealia Banks / Iggy Azalea throw downs?? Heaps bloody good, that’s what.

You might have heard yesterday that Iggy made some pre-e-e-tty dumb comments about Beyoncé‘s new track Sorry (the one with “Becky with the good hair”), whereby Iggy implied that calling all white women ‘Becky’ was racist, and in fact was similar to her calling all black men ‘Deshawn’.

Azealia Banks Claps Back To Iggy Azalea’s ‘Becky’ BS With Pure Fire

Iggy has since backtracked on those comments, but it doesn’t even matter: that train left the station.

UPDATE: FWIW, Azealia isn’t a fan of Lemonade & Beyoncé, either.

Source: Twitter.

Photo: Getty / Christie Goodwin.