Avril Lavigne Goes After Nerd King Mark Zuckerberg For Roasting Nickelback

That headline. It’s a real thing. An actual English sentence reflecting documented events. Unbelievable.

If you thought 2016 was going to quietly into the night without spitting out any more mind-bogglingly incredible yarns, think a-bloody-gain.
Noted Canadian person who willingly married someone named “Chad” Avril Lavigne has gone in on Facebook head honcho Mark Zuckerberg of all people after the social network king decided to reach for the low hanging, but still delicious fruit that is taking the ever-loving piss out of Nickelback.
Mull that concept over for a moment. There’s a lot going on.
It goes like this: The Zucc put out a video a couple of days ago spruiking his fancy new smart home AI ‘Jarvis‘ which is voiced by Morgan Freeman because when your net worth is higher than the GDP of Turkmenistan, that’s the sort of thing you can just do.
In the video, Zucko decided to take a cheap shot at Nickelback while displaying Jarvis’ capabilities. Check out the big nerd in action below. The searing zinger comes in at 1:10:

“…and Jarvis can play all of favourite music. Hey, plus us some good Nickelback songs.”
“I’m sorry, Mark. I’m afraid I can’t do that…”
“…there are no good Nickelback songs.”

Fairly standard-level Nickelback sledge, right?
The wife of the Paddle Pop lion did not take kindly to it AT ALL.
Posting to Twitter (cop THAT, Zucky Boy) Lavigne had a crack back at Zuckerberg for the gag which she has deemed to be “bullying,” “poor taste,” and brought up Nickelback’s album sale figures as a means of clapping back.
It’s… holy shit, it’s so good.

Note: The hashtags. On a screenshot. Which you absolutely cannot click.

Who’s to say where this mighty Lavigne vs Zuckerberg feud will go? Will it provide the spark needed to finally begin the mighty American/Canadian war, as the prophecies foretell? Will it serve as the basis for the clearly Oscar-worthy ‘The Social Network 2‘? Is Nickelback about to drop the hotfire Facebook diss track of 2017?
All I know is things have suddenly gotten a little bit more…
Yeah, I’ll show myself out.

Source: Twitter.