New music tome The 100 Best Australian Albums, as the title might suggest, takes to the messy business of quantifying and ranking the greatest albums this country has ever produced. As with most things involving lists, Australian music and the personal opinions of people who aren’t you, it’s sure to illicit nerdy-as-hell music debate and claims on Neil Finn’s citizenship while exposing generational shifts in taste and generally irritate a whole bunch of people. All good things of course.
The book’s authors – John O’Donnell, Toby Creswell and Craig Mathieson – respected music critics and Juice Mag alumni all, have unveiled their top ten (below) and have also tapped all new interviews with Nick Cave, Peter Garrett, Tim Rogers and Rick Rubin. To see the full list you’ll have to buy the damn thing.
The 100 Best Australian Albums
1. Midnight Oil – Diesel and Dust (1987)
2. AC/DC – Back In Black (1980)
3. Crowded House – Woodface (1991)
4. Cold Chisel – Circus Animals (1982)
5. The Triffids – Born Sandy Devotional (1986)
6. Easy Beats – The Best Of (1967)
7. Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls – Gossip (1986)
8. You Am I – Hi Fi Way (1995)
9. Skyhooks – Living In The 70’s (1974)
10. Avalanches – Since I Left You (2000)

Title Image by Kevin Mazur via Getty